Anonymous said: you continuously say that trans women don't know what it's like to be born female, but you don't know what it's like to be trans, so what gives you more right to speak over them?






i actually do know what it’s like to be trans tho???

i have talked about this on my blog before and how from the ages of 15-19 i was in the transition process of FTM which included psych evaluations, HRT, and surgery appointments including bottom surgery with Dr Brassard in Montreal, Canada.

but it never felt right to me truly, except i thought transitioning was my only option because i was a female who didn’t “feel like” the other girls because i liked sports and rough-housing with my bros and i only had guy friends and i liked to dress “like a boy” and i hated having a vagina and a period and stupid boobs and i wanted to get rid of ‘em and also i was attracted to other girls so because of those things i “felt like” a boy and thus EUREKA THE OPTION IS TRANSITION!!!!

except it was never quite right because like… dressing like a boy and binding my chest and having surgery were not ever going to genuinely make me into a boy so why was i doing this shit to myself?

anyway THERAPY OUT THE WAZOO and hurrah hello i am a very happy woman completely satisfied with herself, her lesbian identity, and her understanding of life as a woman in a patriarchy so restrictive it made her believe she had to “become” a boy just to be herself.

so ya actually i do understand what it’s like.

and how much bullshit it all is and it’s just oppressive conditioning brainwashing crap.

so. that, and a ton of detransitioned people here on tumblr can tell you their stories as well and how it’s all crap and as a woman who had to go through all of that in order to discover her true self… males who think they can step into the womanhood i fucking nearly killed myself for (AS A FEMALE, NO LESS) can sit down rn.

"Oh, I’m an idiot and thought being a tomboy meant I’m trans, so every trans person is that way!" All you radical feminist detransitioners are the same way. Blame everyone but yourselves.

You’re reaching really hard because I was talking about my personal experiences of what it was to be trans. My personal experiences. I didn’t say anything about anyone else. Anon said I had no idea what it was to be trans, I corrected them because I lived it. I don’t speak for everyone. I was speaking for myself. Don’t put words in my mouth.

But if you want to get into it? Yeah I did feel like transitioning was my only way out when I was such a tomboy and felt so uncomfortable with all things “girly”. Because I grew up in this culture of patriarchal obsession with what women should be and how women should be and - even more damaging - how it’s believed that women simply are.

I grew up in a patriarchal society that conditions girls to believe that all women are a certain way, all women are feminine, all women should be feminine, women wear dresses, women wear make-up, women take up little space, women remain quiet, women are accommodating, women are complacent, women are subservient, women are delicate, women are dainty, women are damsels, women need a knight, women don’t curse, women don’t get rough, women don’t like sports, I could go on for days about the messages all young girls receive about what it is to be a woman because of patriarchy and “gender”.

And when I, as a young girl, didn’t fit into any of that and was constantly reprimanded for not sitting with my knees together and not being pretty enough and not sitting quietly, and for wanting to run around with my guy friends, and for being athletic, and for fighting my mother when she wanted me to wear dresses or curl my hair… when I as a young girl didn’t fit into anything that girls “should be” or “are supposed to be” the messages were incredibly conflicting and scary and confusing and if I wasn’t any of the things girls are then… what could I be?

"Gender" taught me that I was probably a boy. I didn’t "identify" with anything of what girls are, I didn’t "feel like" I could ever get on page with the other girls I knew, so… boy?

That’s what our culture does to people who don’t fit in to the expectations of gender and it’s fucked up. It’s so fucked up.

Here’s the thing, though: you said yourself, you weren’t trans. You were never trans. You did not, do not have gender dysphoria and your experiences are not comparable to those of people who do.

And transitioning is not about “becoming” the opposite gender. It is about already being that gender despite your body’s sex characteristics.The fact that you wanted to “become” male should have been a red flag in and of itself.

I believed I was trans. So did the entire team I worked with in my transition process. It was through therapy and feminism that I realized what bullshit it all was. Yes, I did believe I was trans.

Secondly gender is not A Thing. Gender is not a real thing. Gender is not a tangible real thing. Gender is a tool of patriarchy to enforce female subordination. That’s the entire point of gender. A male cannot be a female. A female cannot be a male. Changing sex is literally not possible and no amount of HRT or surgery will ever make your sex different than what it is.

So males cannot “already be" a different gender (aka women) because they are male.

There is only one way to “be” a woman and that is to be a female human being in the adult stage of life. That’s all the word “woman” means. It’s just the word we use to classify a stage of life in a female person. A child female is a girl, an adult female is a woman. A child male is a boy, an adult male is a man.

If you are not a female you cannot be a woman. Sex cannot change. It’s biologically impossible.

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Sirin and AlkonostThe Birds of Joy and Sorrow (1896), Viktor Vasnetsov

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Can you hear the ocean? Originally these Galapagos island animals were illustrated for the awesome non-profit Phylo Games for their Darwin deck of playing cards.

Now they are also available to you as an art prints here:

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Very nice town! Deffinatly had some underlying secrets though…. 

They leave you some pretty nice clothes though! That’s a plus! Everything is VERY well organised, and easy to walk though, and figure out where you are going! The forests were my favorite, and the chef’s house! So much food, like, wow! 

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An Animal Crossing Horror Towns Masterpost


I’ve seen a couple of horror town compilation posts going around, but most of the time they have the same few towns in them, and there are so many horror towns that are awesome but no one knows about them

Here’s a list, with names (to the best of my knowledge), a small description, the code, and…

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The Town of Grief

I usually don’t have the time to devote to investigating horror towns with a story but I found Grief pretty interesting. It’s fun, creepy and sorta weird. Granted, since I’m not ‘up’ on ACNL horror towns I dunno if you guys already know all about it.

I avoided posting any late-story spoilers in the photos but if you don’t want any spoilers, then avoid the pics.

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wake me up never


wake me up never

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I want you to understand that you can keep going long after you can’t. — The Queen of Maggots (“The Cat Lady”)

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The only monsters are us… Murderers, rapists, arsonists. They’re the real beasts… So far from humanity they’re no longer capable of feeling compassion or guilt. They’re the ones we should really be afraid of. But whether they’re lurking in the woods… Or fog… Or the darkness of our cellars… It’s all irrelevant. You can’t predict what happens. You can’t do anything to stop it. There is only one way… To turn into a beast yourself… And like them you show no mercy. Susan Ashworth, The Cat Lady (via probopass)

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